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Far Dawn
  • dark‑fantasy real‑time strategy game under development, combining classic 2D visuals with modern gameplay
  • custom game engine built in Rust ↗ + SDL2 ↗
  • 2 playable factions, each with their distinct selection of units, including various spellcasters & aerial support
  • branching, story-driven single‑player campaign with multiple endings for each faction
  • online multiplayer supporting a maximum of 8 players per game
  • Windows/Linux support

(October 31, 2023)Halloween sneak peek with new, darker art direction. (Click picture to expand.)

Older material

(February 3, 2023)First sneak peek of Far Dawn:open ↗

Gameplay vision

Far Dawn aims to focus

less on hectic micro-management,
more on strategic macro-management.

In practice this will be achieved by specific focus and solutions on three central aspects of the game:

iEconomic macro

iiCombat macro

iiiSkill macro

Project timeline


The first playable demo version is expected to become downloadable and playable free of charge in mid‑2024.

The demo will support quickplay matches against computer as well as against other online players over Steam, with limited selection of units for each faction. The demo will be playable both on modern Windows versions (7+) and Linux.

Single-player campaign demo missions will be made available in subsequent demo versions.

2nd half of 2025

Full version released, with…

full-length single-player campaigns,

full quickplay mode with all units and a vast, expandable selection of maps available,

custom map editor featuring scripting.

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